Papers and Posters

Congratulations to all the members who are presenting papers and posters! See below for the papers and poster lists and their abstracts.

Contributed Papers

Concurrent contributed papers will be presented on Sunday October 6, 2013 from 11am-12pm and on Monday October 7, 2013 from 10:30am-12:00pm.

Below is an abridged schedule. Please see the PDF of conference program for more information.



Note: the format is Room: Title of Paper (without subtitle if applicable)

11-11:15 AM

River G-H, Conference Center: Enhancing Research on a Clinical Decision Support and Geographic Information SystemsSlides

River I-J, Conference Center: Cyberchondria – Slides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center: Library Instruction and First-year Medical Students – Slides


11:20 – 11:35 AM

River G-H, Conference Center: Fording the Data StreamSlides

River I-J, Conference Center: Mark Twain! Navigating the River of Patient Engagement – Slides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center:  Building EBP Skills in Medical Students with a Longitudinal Curriculum Integrated Plan – Slides


11:40 – 11:55 AM

River G-H, Conference Center:  Downstream from the Hospital to the Library –  Slides

River I-J, Conference Center: When Library Staffing ‘Dries Up’ – ‘Immerse’ it with Work-Study ProgramSlides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center: Navigating the Social Media Stream 



Note: the format is Room: Title of Paper (without subtitle if applicable)

10:30 – 10:45 AM

River G-H, Conference Center: Navigating a River of Social Media Information  – Slides

River I-J, Conference Center: Tricked into Submission – Slides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center: At the Beginning of the an Odyssey with Bioinformatics and the NCBI DatabasesSlides


10:50 – 11:05 AM

River G-H, Conference Center: Bridging the Gap from Concepts to Practice – Slides

River I-J, Conference Center: Controlling the Flood of Demand-Driven Acquisition –  Slides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center:  Replicating Rochester  – Slides


11:10- 11:25 AM

River G-H, Conference Center:  Navigating Your Library to Steady Seas – Slides

River I-J, Conference Center: Navigating the IRB for the Library Environment Slides

Fon Du Lac A-C, Conference Center: From Beached to Re-launch While Charting a New Course


To see the list of paper abstracts, download the paper abstracts as a PDF


Poster Session

The posters were presented Sunday October 6, 2013.
Poster session with presenters is scheduled for 4:30pm-5:30pm.  Posters are available for viewing 10:00am-5:30pm.
Below is an abridged listing.  To see the list of poster abstracts, download the poster sessions as PDF.

The 80/20 Rule: A Study of Newly Purchased Print Book Use and Implications for PDA and E-Book Selection in a Small Specialized Library

A Comparison and analysis of mobile accessibility for Ebooks View Poster

Converging tributaries: Wiki’s and EBP – Linking Academia and Practice View Poster

Embedded Collaboration: The Role of the Library as an Active Support to Online Nursing Students View Poster

Evidence Based Medicine Integration into Medicine Curriculum – Poster Presentation View Poster

Exploring the Sea of Social Media: Professional Networking and Altmetrics Bibliography  View Poster

If you build it, they will come: developing and conducting scholarly communications faculty forums View Poster

An Initial Assessment of the Availability of Career Information to Young People in Rural Illinois View Poster

Inter-Institutional Sharing of Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists Using LibGuides View Poster

Is It Hypoxia or Is It Anoxia? Navigating the Aeromedical Literature  View Poster

The Library’s Role in Community Outreach through a Health Literacy Project

Mapping the rules: conceptual and logical relationships in a system for pediatric clinical decision support View Poster

Navigating RDA and using the iPad as an innovative preservation tool  View Poster

Navigating the Rapids of Citation Measurement: A Comparison of Citation Tools Web of Science and Scopus in Capturing Institutional Citation Activity VView Poster

One Health Trends Revealed through Veterinary School Bibliometrics  View Poster

One (Online) Site: A New Paradigm for MLA Concurrent Session Planning?

Over the river… But are they through the woods? Using students’ classwork to improve library instruction View Poster

Participating in a Fellowship Program Curriculum View Poster

“A Picture (or Graphic) is Worth a Thousand Words”: The Use of Infographics in the Provision of Information View Poster

Row, Don’t Drift. Librarian Involvement in Hospital Employee Orientation View Poster

Seeking out new blood (and brains!) for section membership through QR codes and zombies View Poster

Tackling a Large Scale H-Index Project: Calculating H-Indices Using a Team Approach View Poster

Using the ICIRN Essential Nursing Resources List to Evaluate Libraries’ Collections View Poster

What affects the use of virtual reference services? View Poster




Contact Linda Feinberg ( with any questions about papers or posters.

See you in Peoria!

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