Map & Directions

Wyndham Garden Hotel—Schaumburg

Hotel web site—includes maps and directions

Contact Hotel directly if pick-up from train is needed. Specify HSLI meeting when registering.

[Our Hotel will be changing it’s name to the Doubletree Hotel/Schaumburg in October. All guest rooms are currently being renovated.]

Nancy’s Reception—

Spring Valley Nature Center

Thursday November 2nd for dinner, vendors and a live raptor program


*Beginning in 2005, the annual HSLI conference reception was designated “Nancy’s Reception” in honor of Nancy Stump, 1948-2004. Nancy was HSLI President in 1993 and the Illinois representative to the Greater Midwest Regional Medical Library Network (now GMR) 1983-1987. She was a leader in the development of health sciences consortia and led the interlibrary loan department at the University of Illinois Springfield for 30 years.


The 2006 Annual HSLI meeting will be held at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Schaumburg on November 1-3. See below for links to the hotel with directions and maps.


*Nancy’s Reception on Thursday evening will be an unusual chance to learn about the soaring raptors in our Illinois skies. Eat, learn, talk, meet with vendors and enjoy the evening. Transportation (about 5 minutes from the hotel) for those without cars will be arranged.