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Nancy's Reception

Thursday, November 13
Badger Room, Hilton Garden Inn

Faith Roberts

Reception Program - Keeping a Professional Presence in Times of Change

This presentation outlines some of the basis for change, and offers colleagues examples of how other professionals deal with the constant rapid changes in hospital infrastructures and technology. Emphasis is placed on taking core values - care and competence - and carrying them throughout your practice. The defining characteristics of corporate culture are listed and examples of how cultures affect those in the organization discussed. The ability of people who dealt with change daily yet still offered support to their colleagues underscores the concept of true professionalism. The most common responses to change will be described with emphasis on both the positive and negative institutional and personal outcomes that may occur. As a profession, librarians have dealt with change for over a century, but as the millennium approaches, our ability to handle it well is paramount to our survival.

About the Speaker

Faith Roberts speaks to health professionals across the U.S. and Canada. She is known for her work on the generations and the impact authenticity and credibility have on a leader’s success.
Currently Faith is the Director of Magnet, Professional Practice and Parish Nursing at Carle in Urbana, Illinois. She has been a nurse for 38 years and holds her certification in Rehabilitation nursing. Faith has published on nursing care in the sub-acute setting, the socialization of nurses into the profession, burns and sexuality, spirituality, parish nursing, prayer, and presence.
She has given over 2900 presentations on the state, national and international level.


About Nancy's Reception

Nancy Stump was an active member of HSLI and served in several roles, including HSLI President from 1990-1993. She is remembered for many things, especially her fun and efficient meetings. Nancy died December 14, 2004 and is fondly remembered as a colleague, clown, friend and animal lover. Her many years of service to HSLI deserve remembrance and a party is the best way to honor her fun loving nature.