In Memoriam
Remembering HSLI members

Syed Maghrabi

Jul 29, 2000

Syed Maghrabi from Louis Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago passed away on July 29, 2000. Most of us will remember Syed as the courtly, generous professional always willing to lend a hand.
~Nina Pals

The time I had with Syed as my mentor [for the Metropolitan Consortium] was very precious. Although he was in great pain, he still had time to mentor me and guide me as to my duties and responsibilities for the Consortium. He was a great man. At his memorial service at Weiss Memorial, the auditorium was filled with physicians, residents and other health care professionals. There were many memorials made an attestation to his warmth and giving personality. He will be sorely missed.
~Helene Gottesmann, St. Francis Hospital Medical Library, Evanston, IL

Syed received the Pride Handelman Award from Weiss Hospital in 1995, which was a source of great pride and satisfaction to him. He will be missed.
~Laura Mueller Shriners

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