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2022 HSLI President’s Award Goes to Stacey Knight-Davis

Announcement from Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President (2020-2022):

For those of you who were unable to attend the HSLI 2022 Conference, I wanted to share with you the recipient of the President’s Award.

This year’s recipient is Stacey Knight-Davis of Eastern Illinois University. Stacey is a mighty team of one. She is responsive to HSLI’s needs and manages requests quickly. Stacey not only single-handedly maintains the HSLI website, but she creates forms so that we can use online membership renewal and conference registration. She tirelessly makes edits when we send her suggestions. This is the second year that Stacey has offered her institution’s Teams platform to host the virtual conference. When the conference is in person, Stacey is our technical support. Going back to 2011, she was instrumental in moving the website from a Windows server to a Unix server to take advantage of software that is upgraded more often. And recently she has recommended that HSLI switch domains so that we are able to get more services for less money. People who work behind the scenes do not always get the recognition they deserve. It is my pleasure to present the President’s award to Stacey Knight-Davis.

Congratulations, Stacey!

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2022 HSLI Starfish Thrower Award Goes to Laura Wimmer

Announcement from Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President (2020-2022):

For those of you who were unable to attend the HSLI 2022 Conference, I wanted to share with you the recipient of the Starfish Thrower Award.

This year’s recipient is Laura Wimmer of Ascension Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago. Four different HSLI members nominated Laura for this award. She was instrumental in reestablishing HSLI’s non-profit status and resolving our unpaid taxes issue. This took many hours of extra work which was not a regular part of her role within HSLI. Laura worked tirelessly to find and review documents and ensure that all required information was delivered to the accounting firm. Her willingness to carry out this work for the organization, as well as writing up procedures to ensure that we maintain tax-exempt status certainly “makes a difference” for HSLI.

Congratulations, Laura!

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(via Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President)

We have a few nominations for the Starfish Thrower Award, but there is still time to nominate someone. The Starfish Thrower Award is presented to an HSLI member who has made a difference to the organization. The winner receives a trophy and is honored at the Awards Ceremony held during the Annual Conference in the fall.

Any HSLI member is eligible to nominate any other HSLI member for the award. Please use the link below to nominate someone who has made a difference. Submissions are due by Wednesday, August 31.

Please note that you do not need to sign into Google to complete the form, which you may access here.

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Call for Volunteers: Jira Scholarship Fund Working Group

(via Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President)

The Jira Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 with a gift from the Helen Knoll Jira family. The purpose of the Fund is to aid Illinois residents who are pursuing either an ALA-accredited graduate degree in library science, or another graduate degree in a field that benefits the profession of librarianship in the state of Illinois. The Jira Scholarship Fund Working Group will determine how to market the Scholarship, develop an application process, and set the amount of the initial award.​

One or two volunteers are invited to join the Working Group. HSLI members interested in volunteering should contact Cynthia Reynolds, at cmreynol@uic.edu, and Stacey Knight-Davis, at slknight@eiu.edu. This opportunity may have particular appeal to members who have experience working with a scholarship fund through church, a professional association, or another organization

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(via Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President)

The Starfish Thrower Award is presented to an HSLI member who has made a difference to the organization. The winner receives a trophy and is honored at the Awards Ceremony, held during the Annual Conference in the fall.

Any HSLI member is eligible to nominate any other HSLI member for the award. Please use this link to nominate someone who has made a difference. Note that you do not need to sign into Google to complete the form.

Submissions are due by Wednesday, August 31. Please direct any questions to Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President, at cmreynol@uic.edu.

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(via Catherine Soehner, University of Utah)

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and Association of Academic Health Sciences Library (AAHSL) are pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2021/2022 Leadership Fellows Program. The Leadership Fellows Program recognizes and values the importance of diversity and inclusion in enriching and supporting academic health sciences libraries’ mission and actively seeks applications from individuals with varying identities and backgrounds.

The deadline to apply is Tuesday, June 15. Please see the application for additional information.

With that in mind, we invite you to attend a panel discussion featuring five librarians who completed the Leadership Fellows Program and who are also from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Panelists will share their experiences from applying to participating to the impact on their career post-fellowship. Our panelists include Tara Douglas-Williams, Shannon Jones, Jean Song, Philip Walker, and Hongjie Wang.

Please join us for this discussion as you consider applying for the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellow Program. The discussion will take place on Tuesday, May 4, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM CDT. To register, please go here.

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(via IACRL)

This is a reminder that the Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries (IACRL) Awards Committee is seeking submissions for the People’s Choice Award in Scholarly Publishing. This award will give academic and research librarians throughout Illinois the opportunity to read and evaluate scholarly works by their peers and then vote on a favorite. It will also present Illinois research and academic librarians with the opportunity to share their findings outside of a conference or other formal setting. IACRL welcomes submissions on all subjects relevant to Illinois academic and research libraries.

The criteria for submissions, along with the process for choosing winners, are below. ​The deadline for submitting a scholarly work is 5:00 PM Central Time on Wednesday, July 1. Please send your submission to Eric Edwards, IACRL Awards Committee Chair, at eedwards@ilsos.gov. If possible, send a link to the scholarly work; otherwise, submit it as an attachment, preferably as a PDF or in Word. If the work does not already contain an abstract or summary, please include one in the e-mail (a paragraph would suffice).

Once the Awards Committee has received the submissions and confirmed that they meet the criteria, voting will take place via electronic ballot in July or August. Voting will last for 30 days. The Awards Committee will then announce the winners, and those individuals will have the opportunity to present their work in a special webinar or at a future meeting of the IACRL Journal Club.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Edwards. Thank you very much.


  • ​must be a current employee, full-time or part-time, of an Illinois academic or research library (all staff eligible, regardless of level of education, including whether or not posses a master’s degree in library science)
  • membership in ILA and IACRL not required, as long as affiliated with an Illinois academic or research library or organization

Rules for Submissions

  • ​only one submission allowed per entrant; multiple people may not co-submit a publication (it is, however, acceptable if the actual researching and writing of the submission was a joint effort–see below)
  • each submission must be a single scholarly work, not a series of publications or a full “body” of work (it is acceptable if the submission is a stand-alone work in a larger series or body of research, however)
  • publication or other scholarly communication must have appeared within the last calendar year before the deadline for award submissions (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)
  • no rules for word count (either minimum or maximum), as long as the submission meets the criteria
  • publication may take the form of a book chapter, journal article, blog post, or other form of scholarly communication
  • presentations at conferences, symposia, or other events are acceptable, as long as they take the form of a written report or overview, in addition to just an oral presentation or poster
  • pre-publication work acceptable, as long as nominee plans to submit a final version for inclusion in a scholarly journal, monograph, blog, or other means of communication
  • publications for which one is a co-author (as opposed to a solo author) are acceptable, as long as the nominee played a substantial role in researching, writing, and revising the publication;  it is acceptable if the co-author(s) are not Illinois-based, or if they are in Illinois but work in a field other than librarianship, as long as the actual nominee meets the award criteria.​

Process and Criteria for Choosing Winners

  • ​​no limit on the number of entrants; if necessary, will limit number of choices on ballot, to make voting manageable
  • ​voting open to all Illinois academic and research librarians (ballot distributed via IACRL listserv) and will last 30 days
  • ​ballot will include links to scholarly publications, along with an abstract or summary for each one
  • ​ballot will include the following specific criteria for voters to use when selecting the best submission:
    • organization and content of submission (Is it divided into separate sections for the introduction, research question, methodology, results, conclusions, etc.? Do the initial question, the methods for data collection and analysis, and the findings demonstrate a thorough and accurate research process? Are any graphs, tables, or other visual representations clearly related to the information in the text? Does the abstract clearly summarize the main points?)
    • clarity of writing and relevance of sources (Is the information in the submission easy for someone unfamiliar with the topic to understand? Are any technical terms or concepts clearly explained, including in visual representations, as one would expect in a scholarly publication? Are the sources that are cited or listed professional works providing context for the research?)
    • relevance to Illinois libraries (Is this a study you could see recreating at your own library, at least on a certain scale? Could you apply the conclusions of the research to daily operations at your own library, such as improving an existing service or adding a new one? Is this a scholarly publication you would recommend to a colleague?)
  • ​​voters will select one submission; submissions with the three highest vote totals (including ties, if necessary) will be declared winners
  • award will recognize at least three individuals, with first-place, second-place, and third-place recipients (ties for each place are acceptable)
  • winners will have option of presenting their work in a webinar, or having their work be the focus of discussion at a meeting of the IACRL Journal Club
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Elizabeth (Betsy) Sterner, MS, MLIS, is the Health and Human Services librarian at Governors State University (GSU).  Her report about her experience at the HSLI 2019 Conference is shared.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the HSLI 2019 Conference, Going Forward, Looking Back, in Champaign, IL. I would like to thank the Conference Planning Committee and all members of HSLI.

The conference included presentations, posters, and discussions on scholarly publishing, physical space and collection considerations, citation management, accessibility, critical appraisal, and updates from NNLM/GMR, IACRL, RAILS, IHLS, CARLI. Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe presented the keynote address entitled, “From One Big Deal to Another? Libraries in an Open Access Age.” There were also presentations by Kirstin Duffin entitled “Citation Management Software: Advancing your expertise with freely available tools” and by JJ Pionke entitled “Making your Library Positively Accessible.” After heading home, I spent the next days processing all that I have learnt while at the conference. While I have many ideas for new opportunities that I’d like to implement, I will highlight three that I believe are realistically possible and that will help me engage more deeply with the faculty, students, and staff at Governors State University Library.

First, I want to begin a reading club at GSU. GSU is a comprehensive public university offering degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. When I heard the presentation from NNLM/GMR about the Reading Club, I knew this would be a hit with students, faculty, and staff at GSU. The NNLM Reading Club provides the structure of “ready-to-use” book titles and free discussion guides to promote health information discussions. The selected award-winning and national bestseller books, including fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, and young adult titles, align with the NIH All of Us Research Program.  Applications for free NNLM Reading Club Book Kits including books and discussion guides are available online. Health topics include LGBTQ Health, Mental Health, Heart Health, Family Health, ADA Health, Immunization Health, and Healthy Aging. This program offers the opportunity to receive a free kit including books and discussion guides that I believe will be of interest to patrons.

Second, I want to offer a workshop to faculty and graduate students on scholarly publishing. I attended Dan Tracy’s presentation entitled,”Issues in Scholarly Communication for the Health Sciences.” He discussed types of open access publishing, various types of metrics used, and the confusion that often exists between the different terminologies. I plan to create a research guide that covers key journals within my liaison areas and includes considerations for authors before they submit an article to a journal. I will include open access journals that may be important within a specific subfield regardless of the impact factor. Dan Tracy warned against trying to maintain a list of all open access journals within a field.

Third, I am very inspired by Laura Menard’s presentation entitled, “Teaching Critical Appraisal to Students in the Health Sciences”, to develop critical appraisal information sessions for students in the health sciences. She covered the importance of these skills and how to critically appraise the following three study types: therapy, diagnosis, and systematic/meta-analysis reviews. I learned how to identify best practices in study design, methodology, and outcome reporting. We used both well and poorly designed journal articles to improve our own critical appraisal skills. After the session, I understand therapy calculations (e.g., relative risk reduction), harm calculations (e.g., absolute risk increase), and diagnosis calculations (e.g., sensitivity and specificity). I am looking forward to sharing this information with colleagues and developing workshops for students in the health sciences.

I want to thank everyone who presented a talk or a poster. The conference has introduced me to so many new ideas. I hope to use the knowledge I have learned and share it with fellow colleagues, faculty, and students. Thank you again to all who made this conference such a positive learning experience for me.


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(on behalf of the HSLI Conference Planning Committee’s Silent Auction Subcommittee)

Join us at the HSLI Annual Conference’s Silent Auction, where you will be able to bid on many interesting and unique items.

Available in the Silent Auction will be gift baskets and bags (with books, toiletries, Illinois beer, a pet mug, and other goodies), travel technology, jewelry, pottery, home decorative items, homemade jam, and much more. (Please see below for a photo of a few Auction items.)

Starting bids will be posted near each item. Thanks to all donors and all bidders! All proceeds will benefit the HSLI Scholarship Fund.

Please direct any questions to Ramune Kubilius, Silent Auction Subcommittee. More information on the 2019 HSLI Annual Conference (September 11-13 in Champaign, IL) is available here.

(Click on the photo for a larger and clearer image.)

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The deadline to apply for this years Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship has been extended until Sunday, August 4, at midnight.


The Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Committee would like to welcome HSLI members to submit their applications for the 2019 Scholarship.

  • Applicants must be current members of HSLI (2019 dues paid).
  • Applicants must write a short essay entitled, “I would like a Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship because…”.
  • Each Scholarship recipient must write an article for the HSLI Newsletter discussing the plan to implement knowledge gained at the Conference in his or her institution.
  • If awarded a Scholarship, hotel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Reimbursement expenses will be processed upon submission of receipts and after submission of the Newsletter article to the HSLI Newsletter editors.

The Word doc of the application is here: http://hsli.org/conference/scholarship_form_2019.docx

PDF is here: http://hsli.org/conference/scholarship_form_2019.pdf

Winners will be notified by Wednesday, August 7.

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