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Conference Report – Linda Feinberg

I want to thank the scholarship committee for choosing me as one of the recipients of the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship. This enabled me to attend the meeting with less financial worries. The educational funds through my hospital are a lot harder to come by, as I’m sure everyone is aware and experiencing.

Of immediate use to me for my job was the Supporting Systematic Reviews workshop by Janis Glover. After this CE, I had more confidence in my training skills, and used better examples and terminology.

When I returned to work I had a training session scheduled with a Family Medicine resident to work on his Help Desk Answer for FPIN which went well. Last year I changed from group training classes for Evidence Based searching to one-on-one (or two) sessions. This way I can work with each person on their specific question, and tailor the class to their skill level. The training is more useful and timely than having it all at the beginning of the year, which results in the possibility that they’ll forget everything by the time they are assigned a time slot in their schedule to work on research. While the class was aimed at involving librarians in the systematic review process, I felt I got a lot out of it to improve my teaching skills.

Working on the planning committee to organize this meeting was an almost 2 year adventure. Usually HSLI meetings take only a year to plan, but this being the regional meeting with the Midwest Chapter it involved much more detail and advance planning to make everything run smoothly. I thought our monthly phone conference call meetings were informative as well as set the stage for what each person/subcommittee needed to accomplish in the next time period. I think the networking between librarians went extremely smoothly with everyone pitching in as needed. Anticipating and planning for problems resulted in a higher comfort level as we approached the actual meeting. I would recommend as many people as possible get involved with planning HSLI meetings each year, you’ll learn a lot about the organization as well as working with others, and the more people involved means the less work each has to achieve, because most of us are being challenged with more to do.

Overall, the CEs I attended were very good, meeting all the speakers and poster presenter inspired creative thoughts, the vendors were informative as usual, and I enjoyed the whole experience.

Linda Feinberg, MSLS – Director
NorthShore Libraries

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Conference Report – Virginia Gale

The message I heard over and over again was technology in service of the library user and library staff. There is no substitute for knowing what your users want, but, as I’ve always said, we have to stay at least one step ahead of some our users and show others that technology has moved beyond what is familiar to them. I was especially inspired by Melinda Orebaugh’s expansion of library services to apply traditional library concepts of collection development to a patient engagement network. At PSJMC, the Library implemented an updated patient information and education closed-circuit TV network, and I will use some of her ideas as we look to expand on delivering educational videos. Elizabeth Moreton showed some examples of how libraries can incorporate Six Sigma methods, which corresponds to the new Breakthrough Improvement program at Presence Health. Sarah Houghton’s statement that the core of a strategic plan is “What can I do to make your life easier?” is a concept I can relate to and need to make more explicit in my interactions with my users.

I took the CE course “Supporting Systematic Reviews: the Basics”. I’m not sure I will ever be a part of a systematic review, but I’m glad I have the tools if I need them. What I most remember from that course is that all the academic librarians had their tablets on the table, while the hospital librarians had none. Does this speak to adoption of technology, funding, or both? I did bring a borrowed iPad with me, much easier than toting a laptop. Attending this conference, and listening to how librarians are expanding their roles, pushing boundaries, all the while applying basic concepts of collecting, organizing, and disseminating knowledge resources gave me a new perspective on what I need to do to serve my users.

Virginia Gale

Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL

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Conference Report – Carmen Howard

The 2013 Midwest Chapter/MLA and HSLI conference was a new experience for me, and I would like to thank the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship committee and all of HSLI for giving me the opportunity to attend. Although I have been a librarian for many years, I am relatively new to the health sciences and this was my first medical library conference. I was definitely impressed!

I started my conference experience by taking two continuing education classes on Saturday. Samanthi Hewakapuge’s health literacy course included the basics of easy-to-read literature design and up-to-date information on current topics like the Affordable Care Act. The discussion was lively and everyone shared their experience with the group. In the afternoon, I was able to attend the Emerging Technologies course, which was taught by Gabe Rios and Melissa DeSantis. The survey format of this course was terrific. They introduced us to several new technologies, summarizing what they did and how they could be used. Now I can take this knowledge and explore those technologies that I’m interested in further.

Sunday and Monday were filled with many terrific sessions. The Greater Midwest Region/NNLM’s Technology Forum, the Health Information Practice Summit, the contributed papers, and the posters all provided a wealth of information from a wide variety of librarians in an assortment of settings. Thanks to all who shared their experience and research. I was impressed by the quality and the breadth of the topics covered.

As you might expect, the keynote and plenary speakers were highlights of the conference. Both Michelle Kraft (http://kraftylibrarian.com/?p=2480) and Sarah Houghton (http://librarianinblack.net/librarianinblack/) gave inspiring speeches reminding us about the importance of thinking in new ways, trying new things, and knowing that some failure is inevitable. They encouraged us to embrace our passion for what we do and to make that work for us in our ever-changing environment.

I ended my conference with another continuing education course, Jan Glover’s “Supporting Systematic Reviews: The Basics”. Jan gave us lots of practical advice and pointed us to some resources to help us in the future. I have already had a chance to use one of her pieces of advice: if possible have more than one librarian on the team.

Finally, I would just like to say that this conference was a great opportunity to meet with several people that I work with by phone or e-mail but never see, to meet librarians from my city that I have not had a chance to work with yet, and to make entirely new connections that I would only have a chance to make at a conference like this one. And by the way, the food was fabulous too!


Carmen Howard, MSLS

Visiting Assistant Regional Librarian & Visiting Assistant Professor

Library of the Health Sciences – Peoria

University of Illinois at Chicago

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Conference Report – Daneen Richardson

I want to thank the committee for awarding me one of the Syed Maghrabi Scholarships for the 2013 Joint Midwest Chapter MLA/HSLI Conference. This assistance allowed me to attend the conference as a participant as well as a member of the planning committee.

I attended the Saturday morning CE Planning, Conducting, & Publishing Research. Our instructors, Nancy Allee & Jo Dorsch guided us through the steps in preparing oneself to enter the world of research. In the beginning the steps resembled a murky river our fears were diminished with their guidance, hands on activities and assuredness that we could navigate the path on our own. They also sincerely offered to coach us along the path if we have questions.

As the Chair of the Exhibits and Welcome reception, I spend the remainder of Saturday working with the Exhibitors as they registered and prepared for the Welcome & Exhibit reception. I hope all conference registrants were able to attend and enjoy the time with their colleagues and talking with the exhibitors.

Sunday arrived with a bit of sun but a bit chilly. Amongst Sunday’s activities I attended Michelle Kraft presentation, there were also two more exhibit times. We combined the posters with the exhibit times on Sunday to allow the posters to be viewed for a longer period of time. Many interesting topics were covered throughout the 20+ posters. I left with contact information for follow-up questions and discussion concerning a couple of the posters.

Sarah Houghton was very inspiring. She encouraged us to walk outside of our comfort zones to be partners with our local public libraries, introduce ourselves and ask how can we help you. Assist them by educating their staff in how to best retrieve free medical information. Even though a majority of us are under financial constraints we can create spaces & services in new ways without a lot of money being spent.

I found the lightening rounds very interesting. Hearing what others are doing right now in their libraries. The South Dakota conference appears to be shaping up to be beneficial to all that attend.

I appreciate the scholarship which allowed me to attend this regional conference without a huge out of pocket expense. Thank you and I look forward to serving HSLI as the President-Elect for this upcoming year.


Daneen Richardson

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Conference Report – Michael Wold

The Practice of Medicine is an art, not a trade, not a business, but a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.-William Osler, MD, 1849-1919. I think this quote could read “The Practice of Medical Librarianship is an art.”This conference, Navigating a River of Information, reflected so many talented, innovative, progressive, and enthusiastic medical librarians in so many areas. We also face many challenges, healthcare changes, budget cuts, new technology, and stress.

However, we will and must face these challenges. I was inspired by the conference. I was enthused!! However, now I am back, I see the reality of my small medical library. But wait, Sarah Houghton, the Librarian in Black, stated to be realistic and find ways to do something new. It may be something small, but new to you and your patrons. Demonstrate and teach, you can examine what you have and what you need. Find a way, to improve and be a value to your institution, don’t feel sorry for yourself or your situation, and do what you can. Yes, we all what those new and improved items but find a way to plan for them and over time it might happen. If not, go on!

Michelle Kraft, Keynote speaker, gave a useful presentation on how we can build partners. We need to extend our scope and get out there more. You can make your own library app. The library can partner with others in the community or in the hospital setting. We can be problem solvers and not part of the problem!!

The CE course, Emerging Technologies for Librarians, by Gabriel Rios and Melissa De Santis, was very interesting. It covered smartphones, tablets, iPad, phablets, ereaders, etc. I was impressed by the Garnter Group Emerging Technologies chart. It was a graphic presentation of expected and projected technologies. Some of these are being implemented now like 3D printers. Other like 3D bioprinting is down the line, but very possible. Gabe and Melissa gave a useful presentation on Apps. This will be a great help when I add to my library iPad. An overview of social media platforms was also discussed for personal or library related applications.

The CE course, Promoting Health Literacy through Easy to Read Materials, presented by Samathi Hewakapugue, was very useful in identifying sources for patient information. The range of health literacy was discussed from low reading skills to lack of understanding. It was important to realize that many highly educated people do not understand the medical language. Material should be printed in plain language. This class examined examples of different types of material and the reading levels giving to patients. Is the material in our hospital setting confusing or easy to understand, we will have to review all of our material. This class provided various tools that can be used in helping to develop useful material for our patients in all healthcare areas.

I attended six Concurrent Papers. These included: Library instruction and the first-year medical student by Ryan Rafferty; Building EBP skills in medical students with a longitudinal curriculum integrated plan by Amy Blevins; Navigating the social media stream: smooth sailing on twitter for medical librarians, by Mary Jordan; At the beginning of an odyssey with bioinformatics and the NCBI databases by Edith Starbuck; Replicating Rochester: developing a feasible multi-institution study of users information needs in the health sciences by Jeanne Link and Jonna Peterson; and From beached to re-launch while charting a new course: digitization of a retrospective thesis collection by Jan Cox.

Each presentation gave me new insight into these projects and the research involved. New terms like “ethnographic” and identifying new resources in NCBI were very useful. Also, I have already contacted Amy Blevins from the University of Iowa on her EBP graph and presentation.

In conclusion, “That which is painful instructs.“-Benjamin Franklin, each new technology comes with a learning curve. We are frustrated at the start, but soon we can master the program or tool. Keeping current is very, very relevant in our medical library world; this conference provided us with many ways to do this. It presented free Apps to tools. We gained knowledge that all of us are involved with being a major part of our institutions and how to improve patient care!!!

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Submit Nominations for 2013 Starfish-Thrower Award Deadline Oct 3rd.

Do you know someone who has made an important contribution of time and/or talent to our organization? Would you like to recognize a fellow member for their participation in HSLI? Nominate the person for the 2013 Starfish-Thrower Award!

This award is based on the story of the child who “makes a difference” by throwing stranded star fish back into the ocean one at a time. Thus, the award recognizes the efforts and contributions of an individual HSLI member toward the good of the organization.

If you would like to nominate a colleague for the award, please download the Star-Thrower Award nomination form from the HSLI website: http://www.hsli.org.

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Call for Papers and Posters Midwest Chapter MLA and HSLI Conference

Call for Papers and Posters

The Program Committee invites proposals for contributed papers and posters for the joint Midwest Chapter MLA and HSLI Conference to be held October 5-8, 2013 in East Peoria, Illinois. The conference theme is “Navigating a River of Information”. We encourage you to take a literal or figurative (use your fertile imagination) approach to our theme. You can highlight various topics such as teaching or education, administration, practical problem-solving, document collaborative efforts or outreach activities, describe innovative programs, or report on research in librarianship, resources or services.

Concurrent contributed papers will be presented on Sunday October 6, 2013 from 11am-12pm and on Monday October 7, 2013 from 10:30am-11:30am.

The posters will be presented Sunday October 6, 2013. They will be available for viewing from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with poster authors present from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

For contributed paper proposals and poster proposals submit an abstract no longer than 250 words describing your paper or poster.

Include your name, position title, address, phone number and email address on all submissions.

Email your abstracts to Linda Feinberg (Lfeinberg@northshore.org).

  • The deadline for abstract submission is Friday May 24thbefore the Memorial Day weekend.
  • Notifications of paper and poster acceptance will be made by early-mid June.

The Midwest Chapter Professional Practice Committee is again awarding monetary prizes to the best RESEARCH papers and posters. Look for more information soon about applying.

For more information on the Midwest Chapter meeting, see the conference web site: http://midwestmla.org/conference2013/. Please refer to the Papers and Posters sections for more information as it becomes available.

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Midwest Chapter/MLA and HSLI 2013 Joint Meeting

Save the Date – October 4 through October 8 , 2013, in East Peoria, IL Midwest Chapter/MLA and Health Science Librarians of Illinois Annual Meeting

The Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association 2013 annual meeting is planned for October 4 through October 8 in East Peoria, Illinois. The meeting will be held jointly with the Health Science Librarians of Illinois annual meeting. The theme is “Navigating a River of Information.” Contact information for the conference hotel is listed below.We hope to see you in Peoria for sharing papers and posters, networking, and more! Details on speakers and continuing education opportunities will be announced shortly.

Conference Hotel: Embassy Suites East Peoria – Hotel & River Front Conference Center

100 Conference Center Drive

East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Telephone: (309) 694-0200

Submitted by Stacey Knight on behalf of Karen Douglas

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HSLI 2013 Conference: Planning Committee Members Needed

The HSLI 2013 Annual Conference Planning Committee is seeking members willing to assist with various aspects of
the conference. If you would like to be involved please contact:

Roy Jones, M.S.L.S., A.H.I.P.
Manager, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Library & Resource Center & Caterpillar Family Resource Center

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