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National Library of Medicine Posts Online Medical History Exposition So, What’s New in the Past?: The Multiple Meanings of Medical History

(via Evelyn Cunico)

The National Library of Medicine has posted the following Medical History exhibition. So, What’s New in the Past?: The Multiple Meanings of Medical┬áHistory explores how the history of medicine has told different stories and different truths over time depending on the questions asked and concerns raised. A 1997 collaboration between Elizabeth Fee, who was newly appointed chief of the History of Medicine Division and historian of medicine Ted Brown, the National Library of Medicine, featured the exhibition in the lobby of the building lobby July 7, 1997- September 30, 1997.

In 2004, Young Rhee and Roxanne Beatty, staff of the History of Medicine Division, adapted the script and images of the assets that were on display in 1997 to an online exhibition. In 2021, the Exhibition Program refreshed the earlier online exhibition.

To view the latest version of the exhibition, please go here.

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