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2022 HSLI Starfish Thrower Award Goes to Laura Wimmer

Announcement from Cynthia Reynolds, HSLI President (2020-2022):

For those of you who were unable to attend the HSLI 2022 Conference, I wanted to share with you the recipient of the Starfish Thrower Award.

This year’s recipient is Laura Wimmer of Ascension Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago. Four different HSLI members nominated Laura for this award. She was instrumental in reestablishing HSLI’s non-profit status and resolving our unpaid taxes issue. This took many hours of extra work which was not a regular part of her role within HSLI. Laura worked tirelessly to find and review documents and ensure that all required information was delivered to the accounting firm. Her willingness to carry out this work for the organization, as well as writing up procedures to ensure that we maintain tax-exempt status certainly “makes a difference” for HSLI.

Congratulations, Laura!

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