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Call for Nominations: HSLI President-Elect and Secretary

(via Betsy Sterner, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair)

The offices of President-Elect and Secretary are open for election in the fall of 2021. HSLI members are encouraged to consider running for office or nominating a colleague who is interested in being nominated. Self-nominations are welcome! This is a great opportunity for professional service and leadership development, and there are typically only two HSLI Board meetings per year.

Cynthia Reynolds is currently serving as the President. The term of office of the President-Elect shall be one year as President-Elect and the following two years as President and the following one year as Immediate Past-President. The office of President-Elect is elected at the end of the President’s first year of office and serves during the President’s second year of office.

Brief overview of responsibilities of the HSLI President:

A.      To preside over business meetings.
B.      To serve one year as President-Elect, followed by two years as President, followed by one year as Immediate Past-President.
C.      To appoint standing committees and ad hoc committees as the need arises.
D.     To appoint officers if a vacancy occurs, as provided in Article IV, Section 7 of these bylaws.

JJ Pionke is serving a second elected term as Secretary. The term of office of the Secretary shall be two years. It is a two-year term, eligible for re-election one time.

The responsibilities of the HSLI Secretary are as follows:

A.      To record and distribute the minutes of the business meetings of the membership and Board meetings.
B.      To report HSLI activities to state and regional library organizations.
C.      To deposit minutes of Board and business meetings with accompanying reports to the Archives Chair.
D.     To perform other duties as assigned.

Please see the HSLI Bylaws for full descriptions of each position here.

I’m asking for nominees or assistance identifying interested people. If interested, please e-mail me, at esterner@govst.edu. Include a short description of your professional experience and interests. Candidates must be current members of HSLI.

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