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Reminder: One Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Available

(via Miranda Shake)

If your library can’t afford to send you to the HSLI meeting at the “A Library State of Mind” joint conference, consider applying for the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship this year. We are offering one scholarship of $300 to a librarian in need. More information on the conference can be found here.

Please fill out the application form and submit it by Friday, October 16. The scholarship committee will review all applications and let the winner know by the end of business on Tuesday, October 20. Submission information is on the form, which can be found here.

For more information, please contact Miranda Shake at mshake@lakeviewcol.edu.

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Silent Auction raises $265


10805692_10152466149117596_6658070348944853996_nLuggage, gift baskets, homemade jam, and other items were auctioned at Nancy’s Reception on November 13, 2014. The auction raised $265.00 to go toward the

Syed Magrabi Scholarship. This scholarship covers conference fees an lodging to allow as many people to participate in HSLI meetings as possible. If your institution no longer covers your travel, please apply for a scholarship.








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Conference Report, Eric Edwards

I would like to thank the Scholarship Committee for awarding me a Syed Maghrabi Scholarship to attend the HSLI 2014 Annual Conference. I greatly appreciate HSLI’s generosity, especially given that I also received the scholarship to attend the 2011 conference. Being able to attend the 2011 conference allowed me to become more fully involved with the organization, first as a member of the Legislative Committee, and later as Secretary. Attending HSLI conferences since then, including the 2014 one, has given me the opportunity to continue growing professionally, both within the organization and in the field as a whole.

A session at this year’s conference that I found particularly helpful was Mary Ellen Bates’s “Information Alchemy: Transforming Information into Insight”. Although the presentation focused on a topic–providing information to library users–with which I was already familiar, the ideas and strategies that Ms. Bates discussed are forcing me to reconsider many aspects of my approach to serving patrons. While it may be obvious to us, as librarians, that we provide a vital service, our patrons may not think the same way, especially if other sources, such as Google and Wikipedia, provide information (albeit sometimes of a lower quality) more quickly. We have to show users, including administrators who make budget decisions, that the type of information we can provide, and the ways in which we can convey that information (through bullet points, charts, or graphs, for instance, instead of through simply handing them an article or sending them a link, as I have done), will help them reach their goals more quickly.

On a related note, Ms. Bates argued that we need to demonstrate to library users that, in providing them with information, we can play a significant part in their academic and professional success, and that we also have a crucial role to play in the larger organizations of which libraries are a part. Doing so requires building a long-term relationship with users, beyond just answering a question or retrieving an item. While I already do this, to some extent, by following up with patrons to make sure that they have been able to locate the sources they need, I have not gone further, as Ms. Bates suggested, by asking patrons how the assistance I provide fits into their long-term academic and professional growth and, more importantly, what the library can do to help users further their goals. Building these deeper relationships, especially with virtual users, while it may be a bit awkward initially, not only convinces clients to keep using a library, but also encourages users to inform others of the services the library provides, enabling the library to expand its client base further.

Another session that I found particularly useful was “Keeping a Professional Presence in Times of Change”, given by Faith Roberts. Her main theme, that resistance to change–particularly technological change–while presenting challenges, can also provide opportunities, seems relevant not just to staff within an organization, but also to customers. (By the same token, if an organization’s customers will not use technology, then its employees will be less inclined to see technology’s value and promote its use.) In the case of the library, many users, including those who may already be familiar with a particular technology outside of the library, may still be hesitant to embrace that technology within a library setting.

One instance I have seen firsthand, and that has proven frustrating at times, is a reluctance among users to embrace e-books. This is an especially-challenging issue because so many of my library’s resources are available in that format, and for some searches, e-books make up a large portion of the relevant results. Ms. Roberts’s suggestions of taking an incremental approach to solving the problem is one that I had not considered, but that I think would be extremely useful, particularly for students who may be new to an academic library and have a mindset about “doing things a certain way” that may not work as well in a college environment as it did in, say, high school. Explaining to students how to find print books, and then suggesting e-books as an alternative that can fill in the gaps in one’s research (instead of directing them to e-book results right away and expecting them to use those results), might be one of those incremental steps.

Again, I greatly appreciate having received a Syed Maghrabi Scholarship to attend this year’s HSLI conference. Being able to attend HSLI conferences and take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities has been one of my most worthwhile experiences, not just during my time with HSLI, but as a member of the library and information science profession. Also, as the recipient of this year’s Starfish Thrower Award, I am truly grateful to the organization for the acknowledgment it gives of its members’ efforts. Through providing financial assistance and recognition to its members, HSLI clearly values the individuals involved with the organization and considers their professional growth to be at the heart of the organization’s mission.

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Conference Report – Leslie Menz

Thank you so very much to the 2013 Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Committee for awarding me a scholarship to Midwest Chapter MLA 2013 Navigating a River of Information October 4 through October 8, 2013 in East Peoria, IL. It was an honor to be chosen.

The conference was held on the banks of the Illinois River at the East Peoria Embassy Suites East Peoria Hotel & River Front Conference Center. I am compelled to congratulate the planning committee for its choice of venue and most importantly, the food, which was exquisite.

On Saturday, October 5, 2013 I attended Emerging Technologies which was presented by Melissa DeSantis and Gabriel Rios. Not only did I learn more about new technologies than I ever thought I could, but Melissa and Gabriel’s presentation style made the four hours fly by.

Vendors and more food completed the day with Nancy’s Reception.

Sunday, October 6, 2013 I attended Keynote Speaker Michelle Kraft (the Krafty Librarian), again, learning more about new technologies and what they mean to the medical librarian. Having followed Michelle’s blog for many years, it was a pleasure to hear her speak in person. I also agree heartily with her suggestion to simplify cataloging. Revolutionary? Indeed, but much needed.

Following Michelle’s presentation was the GMR Technology Forum: Technology in Disaster Planning and Response. This information came in exceptionally handy (unfortunately) when the November 17 tornado hit my home town of Washington, Illinois. I remember one piece of advice that came in very handy, use your phone as a flashlight.

Hospitality Welcome Event, Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The museum event was very fun, with food catered from One World. It was odd to be in the Museum after hours and a chance for me to finally see the facility.

Monday, October 7, 2013 Plenary Speaker Sarah Houghton The Librarian in Black. Sarah was the highlight of the convention for me, having followed her blog for years. I didn’t know she was from Illinois until she spoke. Her tales of her adventures as Director for the San Rafael Public Library (California), were edifying and entertaining. Her quirkiness is part of her charm. That, combined with her practical solutions that fell under the category of “why didn’t I think of that?” wrapped up the conference for me most satisfactorily.

Last but not least was the opportunity to so many of my colleagues from the past conferences, networking, and catching up with them. Again, thank you to the Scholarship Committee for providing me this opportunity.

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Conference Report – Michael Wold

The Practice of Medicine is an art, not a trade, not a business, but a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.-William Osler, MD, 1849-1919. I think this quote could read “The Practice of Medical Librarianship is an art.”This conference, Navigating a River of Information, reflected so many talented, innovative, progressive, and enthusiastic medical librarians in so many areas. We also face many challenges, healthcare changes, budget cuts, new technology, and stress.

However, we will and must face these challenges. I was inspired by the conference. I was enthused!! However, now I am back, I see the reality of my small medical library. But wait, Sarah Houghton, the Librarian in Black, stated to be realistic and find ways to do something new. It may be something small, but new to you and your patrons. Demonstrate and teach, you can examine what you have and what you need. Find a way, to improve and be a value to your institution, don’t feel sorry for yourself or your situation, and do what you can. Yes, we all what those new and improved items but find a way to plan for them and over time it might happen. If not, go on!

Michelle Kraft, Keynote speaker, gave a useful presentation on how we can build partners. We need to extend our scope and get out there more. You can make your own library app. The library can partner with others in the community or in the hospital setting. We can be problem solvers and not part of the problem!!

The CE course, Emerging Technologies for Librarians, by Gabriel Rios and Melissa De Santis, was very interesting. It covered smartphones, tablets, iPad, phablets, ereaders, etc. I was impressed by the Garnter Group Emerging Technologies chart. It was a graphic presentation of expected and projected technologies. Some of these are being implemented now like 3D printers. Other like 3D bioprinting is down the line, but very possible. Gabe and Melissa gave a useful presentation on Apps. This will be a great help when I add to my library iPad. An overview of social media platforms was also discussed for personal or library related applications.

The CE course, Promoting Health Literacy through Easy to Read Materials, presented by Samathi Hewakapugue, was very useful in identifying sources for patient information. The range of health literacy was discussed from low reading skills to lack of understanding. It was important to realize that many highly educated people do not understand the medical language. Material should be printed in plain language. This class examined examples of different types of material and the reading levels giving to patients. Is the material in our hospital setting confusing or easy to understand, we will have to review all of our material. This class provided various tools that can be used in helping to develop useful material for our patients in all healthcare areas.

I attended six Concurrent Papers. These included: Library instruction and the first-year medical student by Ryan Rafferty; Building EBP skills in medical students with a longitudinal curriculum integrated plan by Amy Blevins; Navigating the social media stream: smooth sailing on twitter for medical librarians, by Mary Jordan; At the beginning of an odyssey with bioinformatics and the NCBI databases by Edith Starbuck; Replicating Rochester: developing a feasible multi-institution study of users information needs in the health sciences by Jeanne Link and Jonna Peterson; and From beached to re-launch while charting a new course: digitization of a retrospective thesis collection by Jan Cox.

Each presentation gave me new insight into these projects and the research involved. New terms like “ethnographic” and identifying new resources in NCBI were very useful. Also, I have already contacted Amy Blevins from the University of Iowa on her EBP graph and presentation.

In conclusion, “That which is painful instructs.“-Benjamin Franklin, each new technology comes with a learning curve. We are frustrated at the start, but soon we can master the program or tool. Keeping current is very, very relevant in our medical library world; this conference provided us with many ways to do this. It presented free Apps to tools. We gained knowledge that all of us are involved with being a major part of our institutions and how to improve patient care!!!

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Maghrabi Scholarship winners attend conference

Six recipients of the HSLI Syed Maghrabi Scholarship attended the 2013 Midwest Chapter MLA / HSLI conference in East Peoria. We look forward to reading their reports in the weeks ahead.

Virginia Gale
Linda Feinberg
Leslie Menz
Michael Wold
Carmen Howard
Daneen Richardson

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Clare Bonnema, M.L.I.S., Medical Librarian at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Illinois

Elissa M. Cochran, B.A., M.L.S., Medical Librarian at Presence Covenant in Urbana and Presence United Samaritan in Danville, Illinois. She is also a teaching assistant at the UI-Chicago College of Medicine.

Sarah Isaacs, M.L.I.S., Head Librarian at the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse in Champaign, Illinois


Bonnema, Clare

Clare Bonnema, MLIS

Thank you to the HSLI Conference Scholarship Committee for awarding me one of the scholarships to attend this year’s conference. Once again, the conference offered practical information, a chance to catch up with colleagues, and good food! Here are a few highlights:

Nancy’s Reception on Thursday night provided an opportunity to chat with vendors, learn about the Joanna Briggs Institute from Ovid representatives, and chow down on a prepackaged ice cream scoop (a first for me), covered with every available topping (except sprinkles). Good thing the scholarship allowed me to stay overnight at the conference hotel so I could work off all those toppings with a swim in the warm pool afterwards!

I was grateful for Holly Ann Burt’s PubMed session on Friday morning; regular refreshers on how to use it to its full potential are always valuable. Although I knew about and had used a handful of the government-provided health resources discussed during the afternoon session, Jocelyn Tipton presented many more I was not familiar with. I appreciated the emphasis on practical information in Friday’s courses.

Although it is difficult for many hospital and other health-science librarians to take a day or two away from work to attend the HSLI conference, each one I’ve attended has been worth my time and I encourage anyone, especially those whose institutions are not able to sponsor their attendance, to apply for the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship.

My thanks to the conference committee for the scholarship and for their hard work in planning the conference!

Elissa Cochran, MLS [no picture available]

I would like to begin by thanking the Syed Magrabi Scholarship committee for awarding me the opportunity to attend. The HSLI conference, “Shaping the Future”, is the highlight of my meeting experience in any given year because it most closely matches my needs and interests as a medical librarian.

Since the conference was held at Resurrection Medical Center, it gave me the opportunity to network with my new co-workers. [You may have heard that Provena and Resurrection Health have merged, becoming Presence Health, the largest Catholic healthcare system in the state of Illinois.] It is always fun to see other facilities, particularly the Medical Library, and meet up with Laura Wimmer who graciously welcomed us to the conference site.

The conference had a new format this year; we were treated to Nancy’s reception on the opening night. Before dinner, we visited with vendors such as Ebsco, Rittenhouse, [Elsevier’s] Clinical Key, and others. This is a great chance to find out what’s new, even if you are a long-time customer. Then we enjoyed a wonderful buffet where we could enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting. I must tell you it was sheer coincidence that as we introduced ourselves, we discovered that all 3 of the scholarship winners just happened to be seated at the same table. What are the odds? After dinner, Chris Pesce presented an OVID update and Ruth Holst and Jacqueline Leskovec did the always popular NNLM/GMR Update. This is your chance to find out about upcoming meetings, webinars, grants, etc. In sum[mary], I enjoyed the new structure of a networking evening and felt ready to tackle the more intense classes the following day.

As any of you know who have taken CE classes from Holly Ann Burt, she never disappoints with her knowledge and energy level. The PubMed Clinics offered Friday morning was aimed at intermediate/ advanced searchers and, even after 10 years of using PubMed, I learned ways to become a more efficient searcher. Don’t overlook the importance of the “detail box” was Holly’s main takeaway. We met in small groups to do challenging searches by applying advanced strategies, did a scavenger hunt, and after reading an assigned article, became a MESH indexer! That was an eye-opener! The class was a huge success and a great way to earn contact hours.

After the morning session, we recharged at lunch. More great food and an abundance of fun raffle prizes. The business meeting is the opportunity to express your thoughts on “shaping the future” and meet our new officers who will lead us over the next year. I am already looking forward to HSLI 2013 in Peoria.

Sarah Isaacs, M.L.I.S� 

The Health Science Librarians of Illinois is an organization that has not only provided me with outstanding professional experiences, but invaluable connections to other professionals in the field. When I joined HSLI I had no idea how helpful the members and events would turn out to be. Shortly after joining I was informed about the upcoming conference and I was pretty sure it would be too great an expense for my current budget. After learning of the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship, I eagerly applied for the scholarship and was thrilled when I was announced as one of the recipients of the award. I was excited at the opportunity to meet the members of HSLI in person as well as participate the continuing education sessions.

This year’s HSLI annual conference was November 1-2 in Chicago. Nancy’s Reception on Thursday evening provided an opportunity to talk with some of the vendors and network with fellow HSLI members. I really enjoyed the presentation from Ovid demonstrating the expanded resources available with the addition of the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) content. As the evening continued, there were presentations by the National Library of Medicine about upcoming GMR continuing education opportunities and by the 2013 HSLI Conference committee with a sneak peak at what to expect next year. Wrapping up the fun on Thursday night, we had an ice cream sundae bar thanks to some of the vendors.

Friday morning, began with a chance to explore the vendor exhibits and enjoy breakfast with colleagues. Elsevier provided a hands-on demonstration of their new online tool, Clinical Key. This dynamic database has a wealth of information in a variety of formats for use in the hospital setting and beyond. This was only the beginning of the valuable information to be learned on this day. There were three opportunities to earn CE credit on Friday. The first class was titled PubMed Clinics of North America: A Problem-based Approach to PubMed Searching which involved a 4-hr interactive presentation accessing the NLM website and its many resources. This was an excellent chance to explore the functionality of this powerful tool with assistance from an expert. Holly Ann Burt provided an outstanding presentation which included a collection of real-life activities and search strategies. I found this session to be of great value because I am relatively new to the health science library field. We worked together in teams and I was lucky enough to team up with Rebecca Raszewski from the University of Illinois at Chicago who has a lot of experience searching PubMed. After the morning session, we got to relax with a nice meal and lots of opportunities to win some raffle prizes. The HSLI fall meeting concluded the lunch and offered a chance to get up to speed on some of the current HSLI issues. The afternoon session (3-hr) was on Government Health Resources. This presentation was helpful in demonstrating the diversity of information available from a long list of government resources. I was introduced to some great websites that I never knew existed. This will help in my daily interaction with patrons back at my own library. I am always on the lookout for family-friendly explanations of some very complex medical topics. Following this presentation, there was a one-hour long discussion on the popularity and value of Open Access journals.

Overall, I found this conference a very valuable event. Not only did I have an opportunity to learn useful information about current trends and practices in the health science library field but I had a chance to meet and reunite with other health science librarians.

I owe a great deal of thanks to The Syed Maghrabi Scholarship committee. Thank you for continuing to offer this valuable service to the members of HSLI. This scholarship provided me the opportunity to grow as a professional and develop essential skills to assist me in my work as a health science librarian.

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HSLI 2012 Annual Conference: Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Winners

The HSLI Awards Committee is pleased to announce three winners of the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship 2012. The Scholarship was created in honor of dedicated HSLI member Syed Maghrabi, and it supports HSLI members’ participation in the HSLI Annual Conference. Please join in congratulating the winners and welcoming them at the conference.

Clare Bonnema, M.L.I.S., Medical Librarian at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Illinois

Elissa M. Cochran, B.A., M.L.S., Medical Librarian at Presence Covenant in Urbana and Presence United Samaritan in Danville, Illinois. She is also a teaching assistant at the UI-Chicago College of Medicine.

Sarah Isaacs, M.L.I.S., Head Librarian at the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse in Champaign, Illinois

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The HSLI 2012 Annual Conference is only 4 months away, and the deadline to apply for the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship is September 16th. To apply, go to the HSLI Web site and click on the link to the scholarship flyer or CLICK HERE.

Any questions? Contacts are below.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

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HSLI 2012 Annual Conference: Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Opportunity

The HSLI 2012 Annual Conference is only 4 months away, and the deadline to apply for the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship is September 16th. To apple, go to the HSLI Web site and click on the link to the scholarship flyer or CLICK HERE.

Any questions? Contacts are below.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

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