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HSLI Community Session Re-cap: NNLM Contract Cycle (2021-26)

On Friday, April 16th, HSLI sponsored an online community session about the new NNLM contract (2021-2026). Thank you to Jacqueline Leskovec, Network Librarian, GMR, for providing an update and introducing her colleague, Nora Barnett, GMR Outreach Coordinator.  

Slides are available for those who missed the session and/or would like to review them.

Re-cap of some changes and transitions with the new NNLM contract cycle that will begin Saturday, May 1st.

  • In the new arrangement, there will be seven regions.  Our region, formerly called GMR (Greater Midwest region), will be called Region 6. Three states: (Kentucky, North Dakota, and South Dakota) are being moved to other regions. NOTE: The NNLM regions are not related to the Medical Library Association chapters and the Midwest Chapter/MLA should not be confused with Region 6.
  • As the GMR region transitions to being Region 6, watch for a new logo, new website identity, etc. No one will have to re-subscribe to the Region’s weekly digest, In Case You Missed It (ICYMI).  If you don’t already subscribe to the e-newsletter, you are invited to do so. To view the most recent issue with other news mentioned during the community session, click here.
  • Region 6  will be seeking persons for a variety of roles.
    • Emergency and Preparedness Coordinator from Illinois as the program is expanding in the new cooperative agreement.  Region 6 will sponsor the MLA Disaster Information Specialist Certificate. Contact Jacqueline Leskovec if you are interested: <Jacqueline-leskovec@uiowa.edu>
    • Positions on a state advisory group
    • Coordinator for the Region 6 office, telecommuting optional from the Region.
  • The HSLI listserv is hosted by the region and will be transitioning.  Look for announcements from HSLI listserv moderator, Linda Feinberg, as that transition is completed. The new listserv address will be: <hsli@uiowa.edu>.  No action is needed by those already subscribed.

Illinois has the largest number of members as we transition to Region 6.  HSLI looks forward to working with Jacqueline in her role as Network Coordinator of Region 6 (continuing her roles in Membership, the Partner Outreach Program (renamed from Partner Outreach Libraries), and Emergency Preparedness, and others). We welcome Nora to the region. We also await further updates from the NNLM.

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Save the Date: HSLI 2020 Conference (September 2-4 at Starved Rock State Park)

Save the Date: September 2-4, 2020

HSLI 2020 conference at Starved Rock State Park

Join us at beautiful Starved Rock State Park for unique and beautiful meeting experience. You’ll see amazing canyons and seasonal waterfalls when you’re not busy networking with your colleagues or gaining continuing education credits.

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The Conference Process, the Return of the A/V Elf, and the Importance of Shims

The Conference Planning Process

The HSLI conference planning process starts a few weeks after the last conference ends. The past year’s committee looks over the feedback on the conference to make decisions on the next conference. This is why it is important to submit your evaluation.

Sometimes we pick the city based on the conference survey. Sometimes we pick a place close to the current president. Sometimes the tourism board from a city will reach out to HSLI. We try to alternate between sites north of I-80 and south of I-80. Once a city is selected, the search for a hotel begins. The overworked souls that will lead the planning effort self-select early in the process. In 2018, Miranda and Roy, who both have years and years conference committee experience, led the effort.

For the past several years, members of the planning committee have traveled to review potential hotels in person. Our goal is to get the membership a comfortable space with good food at a low cost. We also interrogate hotel staff on special diet options and allergy notices on food.  We ask about options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, and ingredient labels. We ask to make sure our vegan friends won’t be served the same meal several times in a row.  We tour the meeting spaces and guest rooms. We ask about audio visual costs, get meeting room rental rates, and get catering menus. We ask about available dates to book the space. We ask about what kinds of tape we can use on the walls and floor.

Daneen has been our specialist on food for years. She works up a menu and gets food costs. The committee then considers the meeting facilities, guest room rates, A/V costs and rules, dates the hotel is available, and dates of other conferences. The date of the conference is in sometimes  determined by available dates at the chosen hotel.

Once the date is set, I set up the  bare bones of the conference website. At this point, all we have is a date, location, and hotel information. The committee picks the theme and a design logo draft is made. For the past few years I’ve designed the logo and the conference committee suggests changes until we get a mutually agreeable logo. The logo and theme go to Daneen so she can start recruiting exhibitors and vendors. They publicity committee sends out “save the date” notices.

The Continuing Education and Program committees begin working on possible speakers. They look at MLA CE  offerings and conference survey feedback for ideas. Again, it is very important to do the conference survey, especially if you chose not to attend because you didn’t find the programs interesting. We need members to make suggestions so we can find programs that are useful to them. Several rounds of brainstorming, phone calls, and scheduling ensue. Travel costs for speakers must be considered.

Once there is a rough idea of costs, the conference fee is set. The registration form is designed and I fight with PayPal to get the online payment system set up.  Michelle has done an amazing job managing registration for many years. Cynthia joined the registration committee with the 2017 conference. Registration payments are forwarded to Laura to deposit into the HSLI account.

The call for posters and the call for scholarships goes out and the publicity committee pushes announcements to many listservs and newsletters.  A/V needs for speakers and exhibitors are collected. Program information is added to the website. The committee holds conference calls to make sure everything is on track. The silent auction committee solicits donations and gets publicity out. Fran and Ramune found an amazing assortment of items this year.  All this happens in the months and weeks before the conference.

As you can see, there is a great deal of work that goes into the conference every year. Many conference committee members have served in the same role for many years. I encourage all HSLI members to consider serving on the conference planning committee. HSLI survives on members volunteering their time to keep the organization running.

Serving on the planning committee provides valuable event planning experience. If there wedding planning or large party planning in your future, conference planning committee experience is extremely valuable. You will learn how to effectively negotiate with hotels, do meal planning for large groups, wrangle audio visual needs, and possible even how to create table decorations. The beautiful table centerpieces for 2018 were supplied by Miranda. The vases were from her personal collection.

Running the Conference

The first night of the conference involves fine tuning arrangements with the hotel on room setup, getting the registration table set up, and unpacking all the stuff required to run the conference. Many years ago Jerry DeWitt created a conference emergency box that holds an array of office supplies, fasteners, and tape. This year Miranda upgraded the box to a rolling toolbox. The box lets us solve many problems on the fly without tracking down hotel staff.

In the original negotiations with the hotel for 2018, we planned to contract out the audio visual equipment. The hotel did not get a contractor, so Daneen borrowed all the A/V equipment from Western and personally transported it to Rockford. Reprising my role as the A/V elf from 2016, I did the most of the A/V setup. The hotel only had tall tables available to put the projectors on, so all the projectors had to be propped up in the back with impromptu shims. We used stacks of post-it notes and soup bowls. Additionally, some of the tables were missing a foot, so the tables were shimmed up with stacks of napkins.


My Take-Aways from the Conference

The conference committee does all this work so we can learn from each other and from our invited speakers. I greatly enjoyed Liesl’s fire extinguisher presentation. I’ve forwarded a summary to my library’s emergency committee and preservation committee.

From the keynote, I learned that there is tons of stuff happening at the national level that I knew nothing about. Further, from Erin’s presentation, I learned that I had personally defined data management was extremely narrow. Erin did an excellent job explaining how data management is a part of the research cycle.

I enjoyed seeing the creative social media messages that my classmates produced in Karen’s session. There was great information provided on dissemination methods. If you were not able to attend, check out her slides at https://digitalhub.northwestern.edu/files/89543ba0-fb1d-4691-93b1-e19772b577c7

And of course I greatly enjoyed getting to visit with everyone and meeting some new people!


The Conference Committee

Here is the full conference committee roster, give them all a big thank you!

Conference Co-Chairs 
Miranda Shake   Lakeview College of Nursing
Roy Jones   Retired

Continuing Education
Frances Drone-Silvers   Carle Foundation Hospital

Eric Edwards   Illinois State Library
Daneen Richardson   Western Illinois University

Laura Wimmer   Presence Resurrection Medical Center

GMR Liaison
Jacqueline Leskovec NNLM GMR

Linda Feinberg   Northshore University HealthSystem – Evanston Hospital
Charlotte Beyer Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Mary Pat Gordon FHN Memorial Hospital

Linda Feinberg   Northshore University HealthSystem – Evanston Hospital

Eric Edwards   Illinois State Library
Peg Burnette University of Illinois a t Urbana- Champaign Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
Ramune Kubilius   Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Daneen Richardson   Western Illinois University
Miranda Shake   Lakeview College of Nursing

Michelle Quinones   Graham Hospital School of Nursing
Cynthia Reynolds   University of Illinois at Chicago

Silent Auction
Fran Kovach   Retired
Ramune Kubilius   Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Michelle Nielsen Ott Methodist College Library
Julie Dietrich Blessing Hospital Blessing Health Professions Library
Ramune Kubilius Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Stacey Knight-Davis  Eastern Illinois University


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HSLI Endorses March for Science

Health Science Librarians of Illinois exists to support the dissemination and use of evidence-based scientific information. Health sciences librarianship is a profession that serves and supports science. HSLI endorses the National March for Science on April 22, 2017. HSLI endorses the satellite March for Science events in Illinois, which as of this writing include events in Carbondale, Champaign, Charleston, Chicago, Palatine, Peoria, Rockford, and Springfield.

HSLI members depend heavily on resources provided by the National Institutes of Health. HSLI strongly supports public funding of health sciences research and open dissemination of publicly funded research. Our member librarians provide evidence to support health care decision making and enable scientific inquiry. HSLI members support science and HSLI supports the March for Science.

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Conference Wrap Up

I’d like to start by thanking all the generous people that have donated to the Syed Maghrabi scholarship fund. Your donations via the membership form and through the silent auction are a lifeline to HSLI members lacking institutional travel support. The fund exists to keep everyone actively involved in the organization. Don’t let lack of travel funds keep you at home! Apply for a scholarship if you don’t have institutional support.

For many years I have served on the HSLI conference planning committee. This year you may have seen me serving as the A/V elf. And we learned that while I’m good with projectors, sound systems are not my strong suit. Apologies for the squealing feedback. Either I’ll get better next year or we will contract with the hotel for house sound.

I also helped with behind the scenes work, running the conference website. Thanks to all presenters that sent in their handouts and posters. I also ran the conference evaluation, and I’m happy to say that everyone rated the conference Excellent or Good. It’s great to see that the work of putting the conference together is valuable to the HSLI membership.

The CE sessions I attended on user experience and assessment were very helpful to me. Both altered how I think about my library, which for me is the sign of a great CE session. Once I got home I summarized the parts of the sessions that were most pertinent to my library’s situation and shared them with my colleagues. Being able to bring new strategies home is one of the best parts of CE for me.

Networking is another critical part of the HSLI conference experience. Hearing stories from other librarians about the state of their nursing programs gives me insight and perspective when working with my own nursing faculty. Being able to see everyone in person once a year also helps when we need to reach out to colleagues. It’s great to be able to put a face with a name when we need to ask a question or put something on the list to get advice.

I was also happy to see so much networking between library organizations this year. Presentations and exhibits from RAILS, IHLS, the GMR, IACRL, and the State Library were a welcome opportunity to learn about what other groups offer. After the conference, HSLI was also invited to provide updates to CARLI and CARLI will provide updates to HSLI as well. I’ve added links to all these organizations on an HSLI website page.

I hope everyone that attended the conference found it as productive as I did, and I hope everyone that was unable to attend in 2016 can join us in 2017.

See you all next year,


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Rites of Spring Sale from May 15 to July 15, 2016

22% DISCOUNT on one print order and one R2 Digital Library order on R2Library.com

AND Receive 22% discount on all R2 PDA titles ordered during Rites of Spring

You can order by web, phone, fax or EDI

For details call Customer Service 800-345-6425

Order online at Rittenhouse.com & R2Library.com | Code ROS16


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ECIC Meets at VA Illiana Health Care System Library

Five members of the East Central Illinois Consortium met on 5/5/2016 in Danville, IL. As a part of the meeting, they toured the Medical Library and Patient’s Library in the VA Illiana Health Care System Library. Named one of the most patient-friendly Veteran’s Affairs libraries, this facility provides services to the medical and nursing staff at the VA as well offering a large selection of popular movies on DVD, novels, nonfiction, audiobooks, a computer lab for career development, and a consumer health collection. The library also offers comfortable seating inside for reading and a beautiful outdoor patio area with tables and bird feeders. Other amenities inside include an electric fireplace, DVD viewing lounge, and an acoustic guitar.

The library is run by Kevin McLaughlin, who started in the fall of 2015. Kevin previously worked in Government Documents at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library. Please welcome Kevin to the health science library community, and if you are in the Danville area be sure to stop by and visit his beautiful library.

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Roy Jones Retires

Royden JonesRoy Jones has retired from his position as Library Manager at OSF St. Francis. Roy continues to serve as the HSLI Membership Chair. He served as HSLI Secretary in 1996-1997. He was the Conference planning Committee Chair for the 2013 Midwest Chapter/HSLI meeting. Roy and Deborah Rhue were joint recipients of the HSLI Star Thrower Award for their service with the 2013 Conference Committee.

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Oktoberfest 2015 for HSLI Members from Rittenhouse & The R2 Library

Oktoberfest 2015

Patron Driven Acquisition from the R2 Digital Library is a collection development tool that enables libraries to evaluate patron usage data at the resource level with no automatic or required purchases. With an intuitive workflow for administrators and easy integration into the user experience, Patron Driven Acquisition on the R2 Digital Library is a valuable service to ensure a library purchases the health sciences resources of most interest to their patrons.

Patron Driven Acquisition can be integrated into any active collection or used to establish an R2 Digital Library account.

R2 Digital Library PDA Overview

Patron Driven Acquisition on the R2 Digital Library is designed to meet any institution’s collection development needs:

  • Any resource that has not been purchased or previously made available via PDA can be included
  • There is no pre-set R2 Digital Library PDA collection: add resources title by title or in groups by using the R2 Digital Library filtering tools (DCT, category, discipline, etc.)
  • Once a resource has been added to an R2 Digital Library PDA collection, it appears as an active resource to an institution’s users and full text access is available to them
  • A resource’s full text can be accessed twice by end users for all PDA titles
  • Upon the third access (or trigger event), the resource moves to the shopping cart and access reverts to Table of Contents access
  • Once the trigger event occurs, a PDA resource will remain in the R2 Digital Library shopping cart for 30 days–the R2 Digital Library PDA service does not auto-purchase resources, and all acquisition decisions are made at the discretion of the library
  • If the PDA resource is not purchased within the 30-day period, it will be removed from the shopping cart and will no longer available as a PDA resource
  • A PDA history report is available and reflects an institution’s PDA activity

PDA on the R2 Digital Library gives you complete control of your collection and never auto-purchases resources.

Getting Started with PDA on the R2 Digital Library

Activate your PDA collection by logging in to R2Library.com with your administrator credentials and selecting the “Add to My PDA Collection” button next to any R2 Digital Library resource not currently within your collection.

If you do not have an active R2 Digital Library account, please contact your Rittenhouse Sales Representative to begin a free 30-day trial. Once on trial, you can easily activate your R2 Digital Library PDA collection by selecting the “Add to My PDA Collection” button on any active resource.

Need more information?
Contact your Rittenhouse Sales Representative or Rittenhouse Customer Service at 800.345.6425

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Conference Scholarship Available

HSLI would like to offer our annual conference scholarship, the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship, to one member of HSLI this year to attend A Library State of Mind. More information on the conference can be found here:


Please fill our the application form and submit it by October 16th.

The scholarship committee will review all applications and let the winner know by end of business on October 20th. Submission information is on the form.

Application form can be found here:


2015 Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Application Instructions:

Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship winner will receive up to $300.00 to cover registration fees and other costs. If awarded a scholarship, hotel arrangements and registration are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

– Applicants must be current members of HSLI (2015 dues paid).

– Applicants must write a short essay entitled, “I would like a Syed

Maghrabi Conference Scholarship because…”

– Each scholarship recipient must write an article for the HSLI

Newsletter discussing the plan to implement knowledge gained at the conference in his or her institution.

– If awarded a scholarship, hotel arrangements are the sole

responsibility of the recipient. Reimbursement expenses will be processed

upon submission of receipts and after submission of the Newsletter article

to the HSLI Newsletter editors.

Conference dates are October 22-24, 2015

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