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Year-End Promotion from McGraw-Hill

(Via Toya Moore, McGraw-Hill Regional Account Manager for Midwest Illinois, Indiana, Michigan)


McGraw-Hill Medical is please to announce the following 2015 year end promotions:

Bolt On Bundle where customers would receive 30% discount if customers buy all 3 ofAccess Medicine Bolt-Ons (Access Medicine Neurology Collection – Access Medicine OB GYN Collection – Case Files Collection)


Pick One Promotion


In order for a customer to be eligible for a “Pick One” product they must purchase a new product (not just renew an existing one) of equal or greater value, before December 15, 2015. For example, a customer purchasing Access Medicine before December 15, 2015 can choose any product with an equal or lower price to add to their subscription for one year at no additional cost.  At time of renewal they must pay to renew the  Pick One product or lose access to it. Access Medicine and Access Pharmacy are excluded as available Pick One products. Access Medicine and Access Pharmacy can be the new product purchased that makes the customer eligible for the promotion but those two products are not eligible to be given away for one free year.

Multi-year Pre-paid Promotion

Here is how it works: The standard renewal price for a site license subscription is 6.5%. But with the pre-paid/multi-year promotion, customers have a chance to take advantage of a lower renewal rate by paying for multiple years up front.

For example, let’s say a customer paid $10,000 this year (on 1/1/2015). For their upcoming renewal (1/1/2016), their renewal price will be $10,650. In 2017, the renewal rate would be $11,342.25 and in 2018 the rate would be $12,079.50. However, if customers pay for two years upfront, we can lower the renewal rate to 3.25%. Or if they pay for three years up front, we can lower the renewal rate to 1.50%. So, in a 3-year scenario, customers would pay a total of $30,450.00, instead of a total of $33,379 spread over 3 years, a savings of $2,929.00.

Will you please let me know whether or not you are interested in taking advantage of any of these promotions?

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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